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Introduction to Computer Hacking

This Article is for Educational Purpose.

This article is dedicated to spread the awareness of Cyber Crime. 
Internet is a place of Opportunities. It offers many things like Knowledge, Entertainment, Fun etc. Internet has made our lives  very easy and comfortable and the best thing about internet is the worst thing also. Internet enables us to access the huge amount of information, which is a good thing but the information it provides is uncontrolled which makes it a worst thing also.


            With the rise of computer technology a new level of crime has also been started.  If you are a user of internet, you may have heard the term "Hacking" somewhere. Have you ever wonder what it is and what are its effects on our lives. 
Hacking is a vast domain of its own and whenever we talk about hacking we also hear the term Cracking 

Hacking vs Cracking


If you search on internet you will find plenty of information about these two. Hacking and cracking are both misinterpreted words by main stream media. Some people consider hacking as a crime and some consider cracking as a crime. 
            Well technically, hacking is a process to create something new and it can be anything like software, hardware, website etc. 

            Cracking on the other hand is the process of forcing a system or software or hardware etc. to do the things which it is not designed to do.
            So, if you have ever created something innovative which have never been created before by anyone then you are a hacker. for example Mark Zukerburg created facebook so he is a Computer Hacker.
            On the other hand The Well known Security Researcher Kevin Mitnick found a way to make free calls from phone makes him a cracker because he forced the Phone Lines to do something that they were never designed to do.

Cyber Crime 

            It requires the knowledge of both Hacking and Cracking to do a perfect and intense cyber crime.But the question arises, What is cyber crime?? The answer is simple: 
  • Threatening people on internet is a Cyber Crime
  • Impersonating someone's Identity on internet is a Cyber Crime.
  • Uploading Trojan Horse to the internet is a cyber crime
  • Cracking software license is a cyber crime
  • Downloading copyright content for free is a cyber crime
  • Downloading someone's personal images, videos etc. from the internet is a cyber crime.
The are lot more Types of cyber crimes because Its a very vast domain.

How it Works 


Well, Computer Hacking/Cracking is not a easy job to do. It requires intense knowledge of various fields of Computer, Internet and the Target.

       Cyber Crime is like Catching a Fish. Here, The cyber criminal is the Fisherman and the fishing rod is the Trap and fish are you and how he uses that rod is the skills of Fisherman or Cyber Criminal.
        One important Thing to know about the Hacking/cracking is that it is harmless until you have not entered yourself into the trap. So, we have an advantage here that if we know how hacking works we can save our self but mostly, the people with lack of basic knowledge of internet and computers are the victims of hacking

We will discuss all about these hacking traps and how to save yourself from these traps in the next post.

Internet is a dangerous thing so use it with a caution.
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