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Learn How to Type in Hindi

Language Typing

Hi! Today's post is all about language typing. If you are in the field of computer technology, typing becomes your first task in to-do list. Learn to type is not an easy job, if you are thinking that pressing keys on keyboard is called typing then your are wrong not completely but beside pressing keys on keyboard you need to have good coordination between your fingers and mind also. 

Typing English language is easy because keyboard layout is in English Language by default which helps us to figure out which key is to be pressed to type that particular letter. 
The problem usually comes when you want to type in different language on an English keyboard or in other language keyboard. Typing becomes an issue in this case and learning different language on different keyboard layout becomes difficult for most of the people. 

But don't worry i have specially compiled this article to help those people who think typing a different language on a different keyboard layout is difficult.

Hindi Language Typing

Hindi is the preferred language of  India and it is a difficult language to type in English Keyboard because memorizing every key is a difficult job. 

You can type in Hindi language by the following ways:
  • Take Hindi Typing Classes
  • Use Hindi Keyboard Stickers
  • Download a Typing software etc.
  • Use online Hindi Typing Keyboard (Quila pad)
All these options are good but you will have to spent money and time to become proficient in Hindi language typing. But do not worry i have bring you a way to learn to type in hindi for free without  any Software or online typing pad.

Learn How Type  in Hindi in 2 Minutes.

You must be thinking that how is it possible, well yes, it is possible in fact i have compiled a tutorial  for you!!. 
Shall we begin..!!
Every language needs a keyboard layout to type letters in the text editor or word processor. So our Step One will be to install Hindi keyboard layout.

STEP 1  ⇒ Go To Start ⇒ Control Panel 

Cybergears - itguyinside, - Learn How to Type Hindi in 2 Minutes 

 STEP 2  ⇒ Open Region and Language -

STEP 2  ⇒ Go to Keyboards and Languages ⇒ Change Keyboards

STEP 3  ⇒ Add ⇒ Select Hindi Layout ⇒ Press OK ⇒ Press Apply ⇒ Close all Windows

NOTE: If hindi language is already listed in the big box then you need to skip this step otherwise follow the step. -

After selecting language script and pressing OK you will able to see the Hindi Language listed below English language in the box as shown below:

 STEP 4⇒Open Text Editor or Word Processor⇒Press win key + R  ⇒ Type osk and Hit Enter -
After Pressing OK you will see On Screen Keyboard on your screen and then - - @cybergears25
The Keyboard is in English Layout now all we have to do is change its layout to hindi.

Final Step  ⇒ Press Alt + Shift Key 

Alt + Shift Key is a combination to switch language layout if more than one layout is installed . To change layout back to English you will have to Tap Alt + Shift Key again.

I have also created a nice video tutorial if you want you can see the video below.

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